Raiders Over Tokyo
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Raiders Over Tokyo

Raiders Over Tokyo – In Post-Production

On April 18, 1942 the Doolittle Raid set out to bomb Japan in retaliation for the tragedy at Pearl Harbor. Five men flew Plane #6 over Tokyo. This short relives their heroic, and last moments aboard their B-25 bomber.

  • Producer
    Scott Eagleton/
  • Director
    Branden Morris/
  • 1st AD
    Aika Honjo/
  • 2nd AD
    Chrissy Waynick/
  • Camera + Sound
    Alex Voorhees/ Darrin Nim/ Salvador Vega/ Matt Howard/
  • Art Department
    Malorie Folino/ Molly Pabian/
  • Cast
    Aaron Massey/ Tom MacDonald/ Josh Paugh/ Johnny Rowles/ Joshua Gressel/