Three to Six Months
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Three to Six Months
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Still of Brandon Chandler from "Three to Six Months"

Three to Six Months – Festival Circuit

Director’s Statement:

I rushed to the Emergency Room when I heard my best friend, Brandon Chandler, was suffering from severe chest pains. We found out that night he had spots in his lungs. From there he was told he would be battling his third cancer, Stage 4 Liver cancer. His prognosis: Three to Six Months. Brandon never informed me of his prognosis. It was only after we began filming this documentary that I heard the prognosis from his brother’s interview.

Brandon Chandler and I directed this film together. Side by side, even after his death. He asked his family the tough questions, as he knew his life was coming to an end. He never showed fear, just joy. My grieving process was led through the editing of this film. Going through all the hours of his family’s interviews, and his heart wrenching video diaries.

It has been a filmmaking journey I never could have imagined, and one that I will never forget.

-Branden Morris, Co-Director