Based on actual events, two reporters from competing New York City newspapers in 1898 battle each other in Cuba for the one story that will bring the United States into the conflict between Spain and Cuba. In a field totally dominated by men, one of the journalists turns out to...
After being raised in a humble peasant home Thane learns of his secret knight bloodline from his father’s last words. He must overcome his fears and fight to become the last knight he was destined to be in order to restore order to a kingdom lost to time.
On April 18, 1942 the Doolittle Raid set out to bomb Japan in retaliation for the tragedy at Pearl Harbor. Five men flew Plane #6 over Tokyo. This short relives their heroic, and last moments aboard their B-25 bomber.
Two childhood friends reflect on their relationship as they complete their final tradition of hanging in the bathtub together; with their clothes on.